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    Apple is customizing the iOS 13 login routine to make it easier for people wearing face masks to unlock their iPhone or iPad.The change is intended primarily for iPhone users who no longer have a physical iphone herstellen gent. The use of facial recognition is then the standard way to unlock the smartphone. If the face is covered for whatever reason, the smartphone will keep trying for tens of seconds to use this form of biometrics to identify the owner, instead of presenting a virtual keyboard on which a login code can be entered.Apple-corona-googleApple and Google have their Covid19-API readyiPhone factory ChinaApple starts production of new iPhones later.iOS 13iOS 13 gets third bug fix in a weekSee also Development on AG IntelligenceIn a new beta release of iOS 13, Apple has now built in the ability to swipe from the bottom of the locked screen to reveal the keyboard to enter a password, reports The Verge. Many people forced to wear face masks in public places in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic are likely to welcome this change.FaceTime also modifiedThe site reports another change in iOS 13 that was probably prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic. With more frequent video conferencing with more people, the default feature in FaceTime that the person speaking can be displayed larger on the asymmetric screen can create an annoying restless image. FaceTime users can now turn this feature off in the properties. The participants are then displayed in a static grid. In this mode, the user can still view people enlarged by touching their video feed.It takes a few years, but then you get a normal keyboard back as well. From Apple, for MacBooks. At least, now for people who are willing (or able) to draw the wallet for the hard-priced new MacBook Pro. The newly unveiled 2019 edition of Apple's laptop line for professionals brings a keyboard with classic scissor mechanism as one of its innovations. With this, Apple is moving away from its thin butterfly mechanism, which was very vulnerable to dust and therefore very sensitive to interference. iphone herstellen gent 

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